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Actress Carlson Young on Her Engagement to Musician Isom Innis

The Scream star talks about her Foster the People fiancé and their upcoming nuptials.

Modern-day brides and grooms are busier than ever, but when a couple is trying to balance filming schedules with global tours, a romantic relationship can be especially tricky. However, “Scream” actress Carlson Young and Foster the People’s Isom Innis are making it happen. With just a few weeks left until their April wedding, we caught up with Carlson to discuss her beloved, their wedding-planning process, and what she’s most looking forward to when it comes to their nuptials. See her answers and their engagement photos below!

How long have you been together? Can you tell us about your engagement?
We’ve been together for three and a half years. Our engagement was awesome and very unforgettable. We were in Iceland stranded on the side of a mountain in -10 degree weather in the middle of a massive snowstorm. Our car got stuck for 6+ hours and finally we got a single bar of service on our phone to call Icelandic emergency services to come save us… but before we got the service, we were in total survival mode, not even sure what was going to happen. We were at least 30 miles from anywhere with service, and it was so freezing outside you couldn’t stay out of the car for more than 10 minutes! So, thankfully, we were rescued, and on the drive home, I made him pull over because the sun was finally coming up, and it looked like Mordor. I started blasting The Lord of the Rings music. We were just cracking up – totally shocked at the whole experience. And then he proposed. He was like, “Ummmm I didn’t plan on doing this now, but I feel like I should, because we almost just died!”

IW: How long will you have been engaged when you get married? How many months of that were spent planning the big day?
We’ll have been engaged for a year and a half. Planning started tentatively about a year ago.

Was there anything particularly surprising or unexpected about the task of wedding planning?
We’ve had a really pleasant wedding planning experience thanks to our planner, Melanie Tatum of Melanie Tatum Events. She’s so creative and on the ball.

What was the process of getting your wedding-day dress/ensemble like?
Well, I’ve had a silhouette in mind for years. I sat down with Christian Siriano, and he came up with something I’m completely in love with. I’ve always been a big fan of his, so I thought he was the perfect person for the job.

Upon what factor did you base your choice of vendors? (Past experience, reputation, accessibility, etc.)
That’s something our wedding planner handled mostly. I totally trust her judgment. I’ve seen the florist, Rusty Glenn, do absolutely gorgeous work in the past, so I was excited to see what he’d come up with for us.

How involved have you both been in planning? Your families?
We’ve been on the outside, I’d say! Between my mom and our planner, it’s been pretty delightful. We feel really lucky because my fiancé and I have had busy work schedules.

What are three things that you’re both most looking forward to on the big day?
We can’t wait to be with all the people we love at our rehearsal dinner, and I can’t wait to wear my dress on the actual day. We’re also really looking forward to the band Active Child playing our first dance – his song, “You Are All I See,” was the music we fell in love to!

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(Video) October – Africa Trip, Village of Kirasa

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Carlson Young at the Fantasy Con in Brazil

If you are a fan of Scream and The Vampire Diaries, get ready for the best news of life: Kat Graham, Bonnie from TVD, and Carlson Young, Brooke from Scream, come to Brazil to attend the Fantasy Con convention, Which takes place on August 19 and 20, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, respectively.

In addition to them, two other actors from two other series will also be at the event. Among them, some Supernatural star, which has not yet been revealed, as well as ticket prices.

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Scream Series May Reboot for Season 3 at MTV

Season 3 of the Scream series on MTV may be a reboot, according to Deadline. Of course, the show is a reboot of the Scream film franchise, with four films from 1996 to 2011. Dimension TV, which produces the show, is reportedly looking to reboot the story and hire an all-new cast. They would also be looking for a new showrunner to bring fresh eyes to the series. If this happens, it’s not clear whether or not reference will be made to the first two seasons of the show, the stories and characters in the reboot.

The first season had 10 episodes and the second season, 13. Season 3 of the Scream series was recently picked up for six additional episodes. The second season of the show had a rather large ratings drop. The first two seasons had different showrunners with Jill Blotevogal and Jaime Paglia on season 1 and Michael Gans and Richard Register on season 2.

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Carlson Young at the Lakewood Meeting in Brazil

Carlson Young is confirmed at the Lakewood Meeting. June 3 in Sao Paulo and June 4 in Rio de Janeiro! She’s super excited, are you not ? She will be joined by Sean Grandillo and Bex Taylor-Klaus.

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